In Nature’s Arms


This is my very first book I have published! It was published in April 2018. My grandmother was diagnosed in September 2017 with cancer. Through the mist of our family trying to adopt to this life changing lifestyle, this is how I chose to cope with it, handle my feelings and show tribute to one of the most strongest persons’ I know in my life. -Enjoy

Many of us are blind to the reality of mourning until we are confronted with it head on, whether in the face of a devastating news headline, a lifeless animal on the side of the road, or the life-altering loss/sickness of a loved one. There are many, if not infinite, shapes that heartache can take and the impressions they make upon us are just as varied. There is no real way to deal with everything we lose, yet as humans, we continue to find ways to cope. As a landscape artist, I have turned to my work to address feelings of anger, confusion, fear, sadness, hope and love to guide me. While not one photograph or object can ever mend the holes that materialize in my heart, the following artworks address those feelings of anger, confusion and hope, in ways that attempt to begin the healing process, however long it may take. I turn to nature to look for small signs around me to show me the light that surrounds me in this chaos of darkness and use light to continue to guide me out of this chaos. My work is inspired and this book is dedicated to my grandmother Jean, who is battling with cancer, who is loved unconditionally by her family and friends. Through her weakness, strength and love, I sat one night by her bed side and said a prayer:

“I sit here and spend the last 24 hours with her and think and wonder how and what life is going to bring all of us. As she sleeps, I sit here and look out the window to see this view and once again ponder, light is what is always most prominent in the midst of the chaos. I go on to ask for mercy, that this fight is not over. As I have to go and leave her behind, I ask please continue to protect her, guide her, give my grandmother strength to get better and for all of us to continue to be strong.”

07/27/18: RIP Grandma, may your wings allow you to continue to fly forever. I will see you again soon. I love you very much grandma! #fightcancer #cancersucks #findacure

*Turn Volume On* Quick preview of book



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